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Elite Boxing Programs Designed with you in mind.

Trainings are aimed at high-quality assimilation of the material, students move on to the next stage only after mastering the previous one. To make this process as efficient as possible, our groups are divided according to the level of training. During training, attention is paid to the development of physical parameters of the body, coordination, dexterity and ease of movement ensuring all-around development. The fighting techniques acquired in training will be useful both in the ring and in life.

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An introduction to Boxing and fitness for kids. (Ages 7-12)

No experience is necessary to try a class. This program is beginner-friendly focused on developing technical boxing skills and athletic performance in boys and girls. Kids will get the chance to learn the sweet science in a fun, supportive environment while also building self esteem. Combat the negative impact of screen time with the positive influence of fitness.

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Introduction to Boxing for self defense and competition.

The JAB Fundamentals Program teaches the introduction of boxing for self defense. No Experience is required since the program is organized as a university, providing the best knowledge to defend yourself in many different real life situations while also improving the body and mind.

This fundamental program helps students get in shape, working on calisthenics and cardio exercises, improving fitness and physical condition in a fun and safe environment. 

The JAB Fundamental program takes on average 6-8 months to be completed. In this program students will learn fundamentals of boxing in detail, self defense situations and basic fight application. 

What to expect: 

  • High energy workouts to increase overall strength and performance.

  • Lose weight and raise metabolic rate up to 15% all while learning a lifelong skill.

  • Boxing techniques used by amateur and professional fighters.

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Competition Training

More than a team, we strive to be the culmination of dominance, grit, intelligence and loyalty. We are fully committed to forging one another into USA Boxing's most dominant athletes.

In this class we work together as a team to improve and sharpen our boxing skills, Whether you are looking for a team to compete with or to simply improve your self-defense ability, we as a team are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself.

If you are a hard worker, serious about pursuing a career in Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts the JAB Army competition program offers training to help develop the skills and techniques needed to not only compete but dominate inside the ring with confidence. From your basic fundamentals to your advanced combinations we cover all areras of competitive boxing. We are currently looking for fighters from different walks of life, different weight classes, and different martial arts backgrounds, who are interested in joining our team.

Our Programs: Video
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